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Live communication of products or services, effective at home, one hundred percent healthy or for your wedding. With Grill & Health Catering you are putting your trust in people who do what they do, providing you with our offer, due to one single reason: passion. With our teams on the Main and the Elbe we provide catering under our own steam and only from our in-house production facilities for 20 to 600 guests. A growing network of partners and catering friends accompany us not only for the events on the road, they help us achieve the best for our customers on a daily basis. We provide rounded concepts from Α to Ω that portray your wishes, style ideas and objectives as best as possible and to make it a genuine experience. With Wave of Taste – our very own concept tour – we proved what could be done. These challenges are ones we now face daily.  


Finding the connection between food & fashion for HUGO BOSS, embedding the ingredients for RED BULL Cola into a well-balanced catering concept with a fascinating BBQ or translating the high dynamics and taste of success of the 24-hour race winners, PHOENIX RACING TEAM, into a catering concept for motorsport fanatics. We engage ourselves in such a way with a product for an event or a tour that it becomes a culinary tribute to the product, thus boosting the significance of the event in the long-run. That’s what we do best. And that is what our clients and guests acknowledge. We only do things that we strongly believe in. Your product does not merit a beta version when it comes to catering. #nobetacatering

Home Catering

How about inviting good friends to a party or a relaxed BBQ at your own home? Great idea! Somehow celebrations at home are always the best. The challenges, however, are very soon to hand. What are you going to prepare? And of no small importance too are the glasses, cutlery and table decorations. And what about the music? An endless list of to do’s is very quickly assembled when inviting guests to your own home. Let us do it all for you so that you can enjoy the party like the other invited guests. We’ll cook to your preferences, create to suit your taste and you don’t even have to bother yourself with tidying up. It doesn’t just sound good, it’s great. #hostwithoutstress

Wedding Catering

Around 150 weddings are celebrated in and around our hotels each year. Each one different to the other. Each one organised to perfection. Everything from A to Z – the layout of the chosen location, the wedding planning, table decorations, menu compositions, entertaining acts and firework displays. With us as your wedding caterer, the day of all days when you both say the words ‘I do’ will be perfectly outlined with you being the centre of attention for all your wedding guests. Besides this, we can also let you know what there is to do before the big day arrives. Profit from our expertise and allow us to sweeten this very special day even more. #weddingsdontgetasecondchance

Health Catering

Everyone wants to eat healthily. It’s the ‘in’ thing and there are benefits to be had. With the aid of special health food offers we have incorporated the trend in all of our food outlets: the Grill & Health Restaurant and Tizian's in the Villa Rothschild, Landgut Falkenstein und Raffael's in the Falkenstein Grand and the Atlantic Restaurant in Hotel Atlantic. It’s something we’re putting a great deal of thought into and we’re developing the option constantly. There’s no alternative to health food as far as we’re concerned. And there is so much more to it than simply "no meat". Our food & beverage experts have a talent for such and create healthy options in both solid and liquid forms. Experience for yourself this jaw-dropping moment. #healthfoodissexy

Open-Air Catering

Open-air is mega! As impressive as it is under open skies – when the weather’s on your side – only a handful of locations can present the right atmosphere. To ensure that the open-air feeling can achieve its full effect, a number of things have to be observed and the right partners must be integrated. How will the logistics work so that the event design is not unnecessary affected? How easy is it for the guests to understand the sequence of events and the highlights? And how should the food offers be integrated to allow the event communications to effectively take place? Otherwise you can end up paying the price for the open-air freedom. Put your head together with ours so that we can develop a coherent concept that will bring out all the fascination of an open-air event. #exceptionelcateringleadsyoutothetop


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