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Choice does matter!

Names mean nothing. That’s what we believe at Grill & Health Catering. What’s behind a name is what matters. And that means the people! The people that believe that events and catering can exude an unrivalled fascination and a dynamic effect. When done properly and the chances are taken. At the same time, we know that brands have charisma and can be implemented very effectively. That’s why we wish to make some available to you: #grillandhealthcatering, #villarothschild, #falkensteingrand, #hotelatlantic, #geschmackshandwerk, #waveoftaste

Competence comes from craftsmanship

Some call it art, establish a cottage industry and turn something minor into something major. We call it craftsmanship. Taste craftsmanship. Those wishing to transmit in a culinary way what facets in a catering offer should be expressed, have to exhibit a solid basis. Creativity has a very carefully considered starting point. It is the honest source from which fancy food ideas are built. In this respect, there is great resemblance between food & fashion as their interpretations are expressions of human particularities and the spirit of the time. Our framework for a successful catering experience are our kitchen teams, headed and inspired by proficient head chefs such as Sebastian Prüßmann, Oliver Heberlein and André Trojanowski. The wishes and service styles then arise from this reliable basis.

Teamwork makes the event work

Looking good is one thing, but being a team is the key. When people offer their best to others, they have to act like a racing team. Who has to do what and when? How are uncertainties detected and transformed into positive elements? How are planned and dynamically developing time windows used and filled with an air of ease? Every team member makes an equal contribution to the success. Those who don’t understand the challenges of their colleagues along with their own, hasn’t tapped into our charisma and passion. That’s why we take the time together with our HR officials to find, train and cherish exactly the right people for our team. We start catering with a true smile!

Taste is a virtue

This may sound a little old-fashioned, but it isn’t. Taste is what makes the difference for our clients, partners and friends. If you don’t attach any importance to this then we are simply not the right contact for your event. Please forgive us for saying so. We produce all dishes ourselves, have specially adapted the logistics for our kitchens for this, and deal with all catering volumes with our full concentration. Whether small or large, high-class, rustic-style or funky – the preparation for a special kind of event requires an approach which is to some extent different and incomparable with normal restaurant catering. Lack of space and the resulting logistic challenges mean that event catering kitchens are not suitable for mass production or temple status catering, and they require clear goals. Taste is our goal and that’s why we see it as a virtue.


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A visit is required if you want to find out more. We’d be more than happy to come and see you. You are, of course, more than welcome to visit us. Take advantage of the fact that you can experience us live and taste our passion on 365 days of the year. Take a peek behind the scenes and speak to the people that will make your event a success. And besides our focus on taste, discover what other services we offer with regard to food & drinks. You either have taste or you don’t. That’s why with our expertise and experience, we are your highly approachable partner for all questions on the style of the event.

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