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Everything we make and do has to be amazing. Business as usual is simply not our thing. Whether at the DTM, at the 24-hour race, in a bespoke suite at HUGO BOSS or at a live concert at Breuninger. That’s why we do catering.


Nothing is better than being different. That’s why catering is nothing less than an expression of pure passion.


Our roots

Forgetting where we come from is something we’ll never do. Regardless of all the creativeness, funky stuff and food porn. The origins of what we offer are the hotels in which we live. Values that make us a team and a culture that takes on challenges and masters them.


Wedding Catering

Looking for the event location of your heart? Haven't found the wedding menu? That's why you should choose us a partner!

GH - catering that rocks

Grill & Health Catering

  • Key areas: concept, wedding, home and healthy catering 
  • Catering for 20 to 600 people with our own team
  • Communication solutions from Α to Ω
  • Taste expertise due to a multi-award-winning team of chefs
  • Proven and experienced network of renowned partners
  • Event locations from the Main to the Elbe under own management

Concept. Charisma. Catering.

You have to understand your craftsmanship if your goal is to inspire others with catering. First and foremost, that means understanding the intention of the event. Only then can you dispatch what the recipient on the other side would expect to receive. Events without a concept are particularly unsuccessful, with no lasting impression and exempt from every effect. That’s why it’s important for us to comprehend your goals and to determine the charisma with which you would like them presented. Our catering is not a uniform mishmash that we sell over and over again. Concepts and catering offers are unique, tailored to their purpose and specified for one single event idea. There is still a long way to go, however, to achieve premium standard, yet is reflects our position on the subject: creating instead of copying.

Taste takes it all

Fine crockery, great cutlery and fabulous decorations. A painting comprises a wide range of facets. Its balance and composition make catering at an event something very special. At catering’s core – and now we are doing some straight talking – is the taste. For us there is simply no way around it. Pretty packaging can be captivating, but it won’t blow your mind. That’s why we stand by our maxim of "Taste takes it all". To enable us to find this perfect taste together, we offer continuous sampling and tasting sessions in our kitchens and in cooperation with our catering and service teams. Only then can the core of each individual catering offer be reached. Make the most of this chance!


Food. Fun. Passion.

Would you like to experience us live? And take a look behind the scenes of our taste studios and gain an impression of our charisma? It couldn’t be easier. One quick call is all it takes. In the meantime, before you get to meet us face-to-face, here are a few visual impressions. Of course, the pictures cannot fully express what we offer. Nevertheless they are an expression of our personality. And this is what is should be like at your event.

We for You and 24/7

Grill & Health Catering
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